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- Sareyyet Ramallah takes an initiative to host a panel discussion about the Cultural Organizations and independent Artists in Palestine post- Corona Covid epedimic.

On Thursday, the 11th of June, a panel discussion was held about the challenges faced by the Cultural Institutions . The participants came out with a list of recommendations and a comittee has been formed to follow up on the implmentation of the recommendations.

The meeting was attended by 58 reprenstatives of the Cultural centres who attended in person or via zoom. 

-Feedback about Lammeh's webiste:

"This is very exciting and will be a very useful resource". Marýa Wethers Director, GPS/Global Practice Sharing program - Movement Research – USA.

"I really like this. It’s a nice idea to promote dance in Palestine': Pierre Chevalier. Frensh Institute/ Jerusalem. 

" this is great !!!!"Omar Rajeh- Maqamat Festival - Lebanon. 

"Lammeh sounds like a super useful resource that will make a difference" Roza Perez-Arts Project Manger/The British Council. 

'Lammeh is a great and important initiative. Congratulations" . Eckhard Thiemann - Artistic Director- Shubbak-A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture-UK.