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Maqamat Beit El Raqs Lebanon Maqamat Beit El Raqs aims at establishing a platform for innovation, experimentation, and continuous development of contemporary dance culture, in Lebanon and the Region. Through introducing new ideas and concepts of dance and 'the body’, the company anticipates a new phase of artistic and social productivity, creativity, modernization, and free expression. Maqamat is a central organization in the creation and development of contemporary dance in Lebanon and the Arab World. It was founded by Omar Rajeh in Beirut in 2002 and it is considered today as “the founder of a Lebanese Contemporary Dance Scene. Maqamat has presented its artistic creations in more than 80 festivals and theatres around the World. Together with a wide network of international and regional partners, MAQAMAT, has supported and presented works for local and international artists. One of the most important achievements was the creation of BIPOD-an international dance festival offering a rich program of artistic events and discussions, Moultaqa LEYMOUN-an international showcase for Lebanese and Arab artists, Takween-an intensive training project, and Citerne Beirut- an important theatre space dedicated mostly to dance, that was forced to be dismantled in 2019. Maqamat is a co-founder of Masahat Dance Network together with Sareyyet Ramallah and The National Centre of Performing Arts E-mail: Website link: Social media account address (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) : @maqamat