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PAC's Studios

The Popular Art Centre (PAC) was founded in 1987 as a Palestinian Non-governmental organization (NGO) to promote a vibrant and dynamic art sector in Palestine. PAC has succeeded over the years to disseminate and promote arts and culture throughout Palestine as a vehicle for social change, dialogue and as an integral part of the struggle and development within the Palestinian context. PAC has implemented a wide range of activities which impacted the community’s awareness and interest in arts, particularly in dance and music. It has been a pioneering cultural NGO which opened its doors for Palestinian artists and groups to consolidate their innovative productions. Until today, PAC still offers its facilities and resources to different dance groups and artists.


-The popular Art centre has three Dance Studios : 

Studio 1

Size of the venue:  1: 15 m * 8m

Capacity of the venue:  30-40


Studio 2:

Size of the venue :  2: 15 m * 8m

Capacity of the venue:  30-40